Cleaning instructions when vacating the residence


In case of termination or moving to another residence, you are responsible for cleaning the apartment, as well as the storage room, balcony and garden area pertaining to the residence. Take your car and all property belonging to you from the parking area.

If the cleaning does not meet the required level, the< tenant will be given another opportunity to clean the apartment or the landlord will deduct the cost of cleaning the apartment from the security deposit.

In cleaning, please note:

The kitchen

The cupboards are washed on all surfaces, including counter tops and drawer units.All surfaces of the cooker and the cooker hood are washed, including the back and bottom of the cooker as well as baking sheets and grease filter.The fridge and freezer are thawed and cleaned and the doors are left open. Make sure the devices are switched off if possible. Also, make sure that no melting water drains onto the floor! The trash cans are emptied and washed.

Bathroom and sauna

The toilet seat, sink, taps and floor drain are thoroughly washed.Walls, floors and sauna benches are washed.

Other rooms

All surfaces are washed so that the surfaces have no dust or stains.Stickers and tape must be removed.

All floors are vacuumed and washed.

In winter, wash the inside windows and in the summer wash them inside and outside.

Finally, make sure that nothing (including rubbish) is left in the apartment. Things which cannot be disposed of in the bins must be taken to the landfill. We will charge for the removal of goods left in the waste bin area.

In addition, it is important to ensure that all fixed lamps are operational, the residence has a smoke alarm with a functioning battery, and the inlet and outlet water connections for the washing machinehave been blocked.

Also, remember to terminate the electricity contract with the electricity company.

We will write up a review of the residence after the move, which states the condition and the cleanliness. Normal wear and tear is taken into consideration but remember that a worn surface and a dirty surface are two different things.